Barbecue pairs well with beer, cocktails, wine, and sunshine. Nothing can beat sitting outside drinking a cold one with a plate of ribs, chicken wings and potato salad, surrounded by family and friends. A lot of people declare themselves a grill master, so it’s important to have all the right ingredients to make your barbecue the best.

The only thing that can make a perfect dish better is the perfect beer to match. Preferably one that’s going to help every element of the skillfully grilled meal taste even better. However, it isn’t as simple as just snagging out the closest longneck from the cooler. You see, the beer that’s best with burgers probably isn’t going to do much for your chicken wings or lobster tails.

In preparation for our BBQ, Beer, and Bourbon Crawl this Saturday, we asked a couple interested attendees from St. Louis what their go-to bbq pairings are.

Well, we’ve worked up an appetite and are extremely thirsty… Good thing our BBQ, Beer, & Bourbon Crawl is only 2 days away! Join us this Saturday, September 7th as we stroll through Soulard, St. Louis trying the best bbq and beer & bourbon options. Your ticket includes bbq samples, exclusive drink specials, access into all the party stops, music entertainment, photo ops, and more. Follow Bar Crawl USA for more information and updates on our upcoming events.

Let’s get ready to eat, drink and crawl!

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