There are a few activities that scream summer as strongly as day drinking. Spending a Saturday or Sunday relaxing with a cold beer, wine or cocktails just feels right when the weather is steamy.

But all that drinking in the hot sun can hit harder than you expect. Let’s be real – 40 proof liquor and strong sun aren’t always the best match. So, we asked a few of our favorite crawlers around the country on what their favorite summertime homemade cocktail!


Megan from St. Pete went with a dry wine, three fruit juices, sparkling water and fresh fruit, this is a delicious and refreshing option that’ll help beat the heat. 


Shay from Atlanta toasts the summer poolside season with a flute of punch! Here’s her deliciously bubbly beverage to keep you cool on a hot day. 


“Chad” from Greenville, SC went a little of the tracks! It’s not technically a cocktail, but it keeps you cool and gives you just the right  amount of buzz, so it’s a win says “Chad”. Feel free to substitute in your favorite brews. 

Corona Lime Pop:    

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