The start of football season is like Christmas morning for fans all over the country. There are many different things about college football that make it one of the most exciting times of the year. So, put on your jersey, grab a cold one, and let’s cheers to the reasons we love college football!


Every person who is a fan of college football has a team they will always cheer for – no matter who they’re playing or how the team is doing that season. Having a specific team to cheer for makes college football meaningful and gives you something to look forward to every week. Plus, it’s nice to have some friendly competition between family & friends that like other teams.


Saturday’s mean college football, and gives an even better reason to be excited for the weekend. What better way to spend a day off than tailgating with some cold beers, going to a football game or sitting around the TV with lots of good food.


Each school has traditions that are special to that University and its fans. For example, Ohio State marching band forms it’s traditional “Script Ohio” formation and is a special honor to be able to “dot the I” once the word has been spelled out. Another tradition is UGA, a white English bulldog, who wears a University of Georgia jersey with a varsity letter and attends each home football game and most away games. Celebrating your team’s traditions makes those moments even more memorable.


If so, grab your favorite jersey and show your pride with 1,000+ others on the largest kickoff crawl in Atlanta –> This Saturday 8/24!

Ticket includes:
•College Kickoff Party at Big Sky Buckhead
•College Kickoff Crawl Event Koozie
•FREE welcome shot at registration party
•FREE welcome drink at your official home bar
•$2 beers, $3 themed shots, $4 themed cocktails with wristband
•Crawl Passport to guide you to 10+ bars.
•School Fight Songs, Themed Shots, DJ Entertainment
•College football trivia on TV’s at various bar
•Raffles being done every 15 minutes!

Cheers y’all and good luck to your team this season!

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