It’s 9 on a Friday night in this transplant hub of a city. You pass your card over the bar to pay for that drink that you’ve been waiting for since 2pm. As you start to turn with your drink in hand, some ass hat knocks into you. F***.

Then the next weekend comes around and you queue the great American debate of the bored; do you want to go out tonight? Of course, you do. You’ve already binge watched Stanger Things twice and Master of None hasn’t even started production for next season. The loss of elbow room at the bar is well worth it at this point.

Now, you’re wondering what bar to go to or if there is some upcoming even that you can throw yourself into. But here’s the thing, you can do both. We all sell ourselves short only to end up with a spilt drink all over our shirt due to the ass hat mentioned before. There’s a better way.

Although shameless plugging is not something to brag about, I’m sure your party friends will agree that bar crawling is a great way to excuse your Sunday morning nap. Stop worrying about what Josh is doing with his friends, because anyone named Josh sucks. So come tie one on, get yourself half in the bag, another cliché metaphor for getting wasted, and crawl with people who know how to do it right.

Cheers Always,

Bar Crawl USA

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