5 Tips On How To Be A Taco & Tequila Crawl Expert

First off if you are expecting this to be a casual, sit down, quiet, or low key food crawl you better ask for a refund now. If you are expecting it to be a fun party with amazing tacos, tasty margaritas, smooth tequila, DJ’s to dance your buzz off then this is your crawl.

Imagine a food crawl meets a bar crawl that turns into a taco & margarita lovers paradise! Do you think that is something you can handle this Saturday? If so, then we can be best friends!

Now that we covered how epic this party is going to be, we’ll cover some tips to enhance your Taco & Tequila Crawl experience.

Tip 1: Review the map the night before

Yes that is correct. We typically post the map on Thursday (actually Cinci we posted it in the FB event page but here you go…) Check out your favorite tacos & try and hit those early but be flexible. This is a free flowing crawl with 8 stops ( serving tacos) so if one is packed or busy there is always a tasty option across the street. We ALWAYS suggest trying to get your tacos early (pre-caution for the amount of tequila that is about to hit your blood stream) as it is common sense that a taco may be the freshest at 12:45pm as compared to 5:45pm.

You’l also notice time slots next to each bar. That is to keep the flow of the crawl all moving together! It is when we have notified the bars to be staffed and ready and when they’ll have entertainment bumping for you to party your taco lovin’ butts off.

Tip 2: Get your favorite tacos first

We negotiated with each bar to at least supply 300 tacos! Almost all of the bars are catering in fresh tacos, so once that bar is done, they could be done serving tacos. That doesn’t mean there won’t be enough tacos for you to stuff your face.. there will be, trust us. 300 tacos x 6 bars = 1,800+ tacos. We have 500 crawlers with around 1,600 taco tabs floating around the crawl. Back to the original tip, get your favorites first while there is little to no line and you are sober enough to wait ?

Tip 3: Divide and Conquer

The tacos are to be served in a fast service station, however, there maybe times where the line is 5 minutes. This is where you divide and conquer! One of you goes and gets the rounds of drink while the other holds down the taco line… now you are nearing the front of the line, drink in hand, and ready to drink, eat, and then hit the dance floor.

How do you get your tacos?

Depending what ticket you purchased you’ll have 3 or 4 tearaway tabs on your wristband. Just tear away the tab on your wristband and hand it to the taco service fast line for your free taco. No tab = no taco! They will not be accepting cash or credit in the taco bar craw line.

Tip 4: Have a plan but be ready to completely abandon your plan:

You may have your top places to visit but notice the music bumping or vibe coming from a certain place that you hadn’t originally picked. Be spontaneous, check out the new bar, hit the dance floor, and be ready to make hundreds of new friends.

One of your favorite places may have totally screwed the pooch and staffed 2 bartenders or there is a line for the bathroom or whatever the case may be there are so many amazing bars to check out and only 6 hours to do it.

Tip 5: Try and remember your favorite taco, margarita, and bar.. “try”

With all the amazing $3-$5 tequila shot & margarita specials and the possible taco coma you may be in you’ll need to try and remember your favorites. We’ll have an online vote for best taco, best margarita, and best bar atmosphere.

Thank you again for making the Inaugural Taco & Tequila Crawl the best ever!

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